Tom McDaid conducts Market Sports Outdoor Boot Camp

Outdoor Boot Camp with Market Sports.

I’ve never been to Boot Camp before so I decided to join this class when I heard others talking about it at the gym.

Tom McDaid, fitness manager at Market Sports conducted this class on a sunny afternoon last Wednesday. There were eight of us in the class and we started by jogging to a local park.

The Boot Camp involved a full body workout. Perfect free style exercises! The start was fun and everyone was clearly enjoying themselves. As time flew by, the exercises got harder but you could tell that everyone was determined to do their best.

I had to take a few breaks in between to catch my breath! It was the first time after all, and I am sure I would get used to it as I continue with the class on a regular basis.

Once it was all over, we jogged back to the gym and cooled off in the studio. I was proud of myself. I’d successfully completed my first ever Boot Camp class and I will definitely recommend it to everyone who wants to get and stay fit.

Tom McDaid always has a lot of useful hints and tips to share. So here they are;



Have a balanced meal at least 1.5 hrs before the Boot Camp, to help supply energy during your workout. A portion of brown rice with vegetables and protein; chicken or fish (grilled or even better, steamed as it helps retain the nutrients in your meal).

After your workout (during which you build up muscular strength and endurance), the hour that follows is “The Golden Hour!” when your body is most absorbent to nutrients. So make sure you eat a balanced meal again, with enough protein. But, What a lot of people don’t realise it that protein supplements (bars, shakes etc) provide an instant hit. Up to 30 grams or a bit more of protein is enough as 20 grams is what most people can absorb. So if your supplement contains about 50 grams of protein, consume half of it straight after your workout, and the rest later. The body can only absorb about 25 grams of protein maximum, in one shot. 

For beginners, Boot Camp is recommended once a week. You can also try it twice a week, to reduce the risk of injury, strain, and build up your confidence. Y0u have to allow your body to get used to the workout gradually.

In order to compliment your Boot Camp work out, mix it up with other exercises  that help build muscular strength and endurance, on other days of the week. Tom recommends Cardio based workouts such as Aerobics, Dance, Spinning, Yoga and Pilates to help with posture and flexibility.



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