Lindt Chocolates in Our Neighbourhood!

When Lindt Chocolates hosted a promotion in Old Street and Shoreditch, everyone in the neighbourhood seemed to be in a happy mood. It was a sunny day and everybody loves a freebie!

I even saw people stop their cars in the middle of the road and shout at the promoters from Mash Staffing to give them chocolates. The promotional team were handing them out fast and this kicked off a mini frenzy in the neighbourhood. Chocolate Manna from heaven!

The team gave me a ton of chocolates and I handed them out at a networking event at Bathtub to Boardroom. Chocolate is a mini treat, an indulgence. It’s a pick me up. And offering someone chocolate instantly says “I like you. Let’s be friends!”

I am not a big fan of chocolate as I don’t like sweets. But I couldn’t resist trying these and they are absolutely delicious. Chocolate Sticks; Strawberry Cheesecake and Cookies & Cream. Pop into your local supermarket and get your hands on this mouth candy! Or Click Here to get them online. Offer them as a gift to someone you like, or love! And don’t forget to enjoy a stick or two yourself.

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