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A Parisian Afternoon in London!

Prix Fixe
?pri? ?f?ks,French p?i fiks/
“A meal consisting of several courses served at a total fixed price.”
When my friend (ballet dancer) Joshua Royal told me he had got a part in the English National Ballet’s  Romeo and Juliet, we decided to celebrate by going out for lunch and catch up (something w’d been planning to do for ages anyway).

I suggested the Prix Fixe Brasserie, one of my favourite restaurants in London. This charming little classic French Bistro with its daily set-menu specials and A-la carte menu, is intimate, inviting and THE place to enjoy a fabulous yet affordable contemporary French meal, in London.

prix fixe brasserie soho london
prix fixe brasserie soho london

It is advisable to pre-book as Prix Fixe gets very busy during lunch and dinner. I’ve been to the restaurant several times, with friends and on dates. I’ve never seen a vacant table!

Lawrence the manager greeted me like an old friend! The staff are very friendly and relaxed and everything is “just so.” Nothing is overdone or pretentious. It feels like you’re sitting in an authentic French bistro in a backstreet in Paris and both the music and ambience add to the setting.

For starters we had Ham Hock, Foie Gras and Pistachio Terrine with Orange and Fig chutney, grilled sourdough and pickles. So delicious! The food just melts in your mouth and awakens your senses.

What’s the point of having lunch with merlot rose in Bohemian Soho if you don’t indulge a teensy bit more? So we ordered Atlantic rock oysters on crushed ice with shallot and pink grapefruit vinaigrette (just £1.70 each!).  The oysters were fresh, fleshy and large, as if they’d been stolen from Poseidon‘s banquet!

Ballet dancer Joshua Royal at Prix Fixe Brasserie, London Soho
Ballet dancer Joshua Royal at Prix Fixe Brasserie, London Soho

For mains, Joshua had chargrilled Rib eye steak on creamy mash with black pepper and light blue cream sauce. I had Zuccini and Dill pancakes with spinach, butternut squash, Goat cheese, pine nuts and chickpea and salsify sauce.

When I eat out with friends, we always share the dishes. It’s nice to at least sample what each other’s having, don’t you think? The food was so amazing, I’ve been telling all my friends about Prix Fixe. Spiritual medium Lucinda Randolph also dined here recently after seeing my Tweet about the place. When she approves of something, you know it is good!

You see, the Prix Fixe experience is not just about food. It is about awakening one’s senses; sight, taste, smell, touch (if you  want to touch the food that is!) and hearing (well, in this place, I suppose it’s the hustle and bustle, the ambience  and the music), something we South Asians can relate to. I suppose holding the Oysters in one’s hand, and slurping them down also contribute to the overall experience!

Atlantic rock oysters at Prix Fixe Brasserie, London Soho
Atlantic rock oysters at Prix Fixe Brasserie, London Soho

Josh hasn’t had Oysters before but took to it like a duck to water. One has to appreciate an Oyster-amateur who can slurp them down without making any mess! The bottle of Argentinian Merlot Rose we shared perfectly complimented our meal. Light and crispy so as not to confuse one’s palate. 

The staff Adam and Mickela were charming and made sure we had a wonderful experience. I always appreciate waiting staff who are natural without being too attentive or pretentious. They go with good old-fashioned French hospitality I suppose. 

Emmanuel Ray at Prix Fixe Brasserie, London Soho
Emmanuel Ray at Prix Fixe Brasserie, London Soho

A Hunger Fix at the Prix Fixe is one of the best experiences you will have in London. At just £10.99 per person (starters and main, not including wine or oysters), it is still a bargain in one of London’s most expensive neighbourhoods. Why not go here on a date, a get-together with friends, or even a pre theatre dinner?

If you go, then please mention and do leave a comment at the bottom of this page, if you like this review. 

Click Here to book online, and see the Prix Fixe video below.


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