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    Tips from Mr. Romania; The Fitness Instructor at Market Sports!

    Well, he hasn’t really won a Male Beauty Pageant, but that’s the new nickname I’ve bestowed upon Lucian Comiza, my trainer at Market Sports Gym! He is always armed with hints & tips about exercise, diet etc, and I constantly ask him various questions. I thought I’d share some of what I found out, with you readers. What sort of foods would you recommend before a full body workout, and how long does one have to wait after a meal before doing the workout? Each person is different. Therefore goals vary from one individual to another. There is no such thing as a “perfect regime or diet.” It all depends on the individual and his/her goals. Before a session you…

  • Tom McDaid conducts Market Sports Outdoor Boot Camp

    Outdoor Boot Camp with Market Sports.

    I’ve never been to Boot Camp before so I decided to join this class when I heard others talking about it at the gym. Tom McDaid, fitness manager at Market Sports conducted this class on a sunny afternoon last Wednesday. There were eight of us in the class and we started by jogging to a local park. The Boot Camp involved a full body workout. Perfect free style exercises! The start was fun and everyone was clearly enjoying themselves. As time flew by, the exercises got harder but you could tell that everyone was determined to do their best. I had to take a few breaks in between to catch my…

  • dinner_friends_seafood_stirfry_couscous_prawns_vegetables_spices_cooking

    Cooking Dinner for Friends.

    My friend Joanna Caveney and I decided to have a good-bye dinner for our friend Heiner Radau before he left for Germany. He had just completed his internship at Alexander McQueen and is all set to work on his own brand. Me with Joanna, Pat and Heiner. Mummy Pauline was behind the camera! I made seafood stir fry with prawns, scallops, couscous, tomato, olive oil, chopped vegetables, turmeric, garlic, onion and chilly seeds.   Prawns taste amazing when cooked for 5 minutes in olive oil and turmeric! Just writing this blog post makes my mouth water. Maybe I should have saved some to eat right now! I rarely cook to…