• Oven baked Mackerel with Jasmine Rice, Tomato Sauce, Lemongrass, Red Peppers, Coriander, Cucumber, and a glass of Lemonade.

    Seafood for Hungry Boys; straight from Poseidon’s Platter.. for our pleasure!

    What can I say? The use of alliteration makes any individual sound intelligent. Oops, I did it again! Lol 🙂 (insert obligatory smiley face here!). I am a Foodie! Always have been. Most of my years in Sri Lanka were spent in Wattala, on the island’s west coast. Even when I went to Colombo, I would be drawn towards the coastal region. This was mainly because of my passion for seafood. Seafood is not only a passion. It is an obsession. I have at least one item of seafood a day. I can’t function without this. I remember yelling, shouting and crying as a Kid, pestering my father to take me to the…

  • seafood la pappardella

    Seafood for Hungry Boys!

     If you are a lover of seafood, you will certainly enjoy this dish at La Pappardella, London Earls Court. I absolutely love seafood linguine! One of my favourite restaurants in London, they do proper grown-up food (I stole that expression from Grace Dent!) for culinary adventurers that have a hearty appetite. Mussels, prawns and calamari soaked in cherry tomatoes, garlic and basil and a wonderful sauce. If and when you come towards Earls Court, do pop in! Best reserve your place as this charming Italian restaurant gets very busy in the evenings, and often during lunchtime too. They have just re opened after refurbishment. With a good wine list that compliments their authentic Italian cuisine, La Pappardella is much loved by the locals…

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    Fast, fresh and healthy food in 10 minutes!

    Scroll down and watch the video in which I make amazing food in 10 minutes! My friend Chris has just returned to London from traveling all over the world and invited me over to dinner. As we usually dine out, this time we decided to cook. He got the ingredients and I did the cooking.  Starters took me about 5 minutes to get prepared. Main course was about 10 minutes, because I chop fast! Why not get your friend to help you, to save more time? Chris couldn’t as he started filming the process on his i phone. If you like this video, then feel free to add your comment…