10 Tips on How to Wear a White Suit.

It’s a classic outfit and can give any man a distinguished and elegant appearance. It can also look flamboyant on its own or with minimum accessories. Almost every popular fashion brand has featured a white suit or similar outfits in its runway shows at some point. So, here are 10 ways how to dress up, down or around a white suit.

* Earthy tones, shirts and accessories such as brown, beige, orange and maroon are perfect for day wear and even work wear. Tan is another colour that goes well with a white suit. Wear it with a light brown shirt, tan shoes and belt, and a matching bag. Aviator sunglasses in a brown shade will give you a smart yet casual look.

* Deep colours are great for evening wear. Wear your white suit with a black or red shirt for a glamourous yet classic look. Slicked back hair and neatly groomed stubble can make you look sexy and broody! Midnight blue in silk or emerald green are other alternatives. A silver or gold watch or bracelet, black shoes and belt can complete the look. Or if you’re really expressive, wear belt and shoes to match your shirt. 

* Light blues are suitable for casual wear. Sky blue, powder blue or my personal favourite baby boy blue(!) can look amazing when worn with a white suit. It’s a great colour for summer and the outfit can be worn with matching canvas shoes or espadrilles. Tan brogues are a good alternative. Stick to white socks. Espadrilles can be worn on their own (no socks).

* A white suit can look sharp and flamboyant on its own. So keep the accessories to a minimum.  A classic bracelet or watch is all you’ll need. But feel free to explore with whatever takes your fancy like coloured pocket squares, cuff links and so on but don’t wear more than 2/3 pieces of jewellery.  

* Silver or gold cuff links work best with white suits. Cuff links of bright colours to match your shirt are also a good way of standing out and looking smart in a subtle yet effective way.  

* If you’re the laid back relaxed or bohemian type, surfer jewellery type bead necklaces, ethnic bracelet (particularly African or Indian) can contribute to the overall “look.” Keep your hair natural and avoid wearing too much hair product. This will give you a youthful and romantic look. Well groomed facial stubble also compliments this look but don’t be afraid to pair ethnic or tribal accessories with a white suit while you’re clean shaven with well styled hair. The contrast can work well here. 

* Sea shell accessories can make you look unique and summery. I tend to wear sea shells even in autumn/winter. That is because I never play by the rules! A simple sea shell ring and necklace is all you will need. But wearing heavy sea shell jewellery with an open neck shirt and some smudged eyeliner is also a look that I sported once, getting a lot of compliments. The idea is to be yourself while being unique and comfortable in your style and look. 

* Most men prefer to look good without standing out too much, So keep things basic with one eye catching piece while wearing your white suit. Cravats can work well hear, or even an eye catching tie.

* Stripes, cardigans in pastel shades, simple hats and bow ties look preppy and clean cut when worn with a white suit. However, These accessories mostly tend to look good on young men. I’d avoid them when I get to my forties. But hey, if you’re the type that is young at heart and doesn’t care about what others think, then I say go for it! Isn’t that what life is all about?

* White pin stripe suits look classy and elegant yet sharp and stand out in a certain way most other suits don’t. Match your shirt to the colour of the pin stripe for a classic look, or go completely the opposite with a colour that clashes with it. Now match your socks to the colour of your shirt and keep all the other accessories (shoes, belt, bag etc) a basic colour such as brown, tan or black. This will maintain your classic and understated elegant look while being attention-grabbing at the same time.

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