Tea with Natascha Slasten.

My friend Natascha Slasten invited me to champagne afternoon tea at  Knightsbridge Green Hotel. It’s been ages since we met so I was looking forward to this. The cakes, cookies and sandwiches were great (although some of the  sandwiches were a bit dry!).




The lounge was unexpectedly small. Not that we cared. We were too busy catching up. Natascha was telling  me about the last guy she dated, and I was filling her in on what I had got upto with my ex girlfriend and a rather randy professor (not at the same time!) during the weekend.

The second glass of champagne we had was as flat as a size-zero chest! No bubbles, no oomph! Lol 🙂 We sent it back and the waitress came back with  exactly the same. I could tell that Natascha was annoyed. But she stayed calm. The hotel had charged her £10 extra for changing the date for our date. And the lounge was hardly full.

When I went to use the bathroom, I realised that the Knightsbridge Green Hotel, for its fancy name and so called “lounge,” looked like a B & B in an old building with a “done up” reception area. Nothing wrong with that. But if you’re going to be pretentious, then at least do it well!

On a lighter note, here’s a sexy picture of Natascha Slasten. She’s an actress and a voice over artist and has done films,  TV and theatre.



She also does voice overs for video games and commercials. Fingers crossed, she’ll be cast in a British-Indian film I’ve been asked to head the styling department for! Watch this space. We are yet to sign on the dotted line!





Nominee, Positive Role Model 2013 (National Diversity Awards, UK). Nominee, London Personality of the Year 2012 (London Lifestyle Awards). Winner, Fashion Icon of the Year 2011 (Fashions Finest Awards, UK).

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