Dinner at the YMCA.

Popped into the YMCA London Barbican for dinner and absolutely loved the delicious rice and tasty chicken. I went back the net day and had two portions of curry chicken! I mean, the dish was so delici0us with a perfect blend of spices and flavours. Surely this had to be cooked with passion?














I met the chef immediately and congratulated her on her handiwork. This culinary madame is Abimbola Akinrele aka The Feast Chef.  A charming Nigerian with a cheerful smile and pleasant personality, she specialises in healthy dishes for all occasions including weddings, birthdays and also makes  yummy treats for the kids.  Why not hire her for your summer parties? Click Here for her website.

My personal trainer Tyrone Clement is based at the YMCA Gym. Work out, shower then pop down to the cafeteria for Abimbola’s treats! How cool is that?


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