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Doggy Matters!

Italian Greyhounds Art by Water Colour Queen.

If you’re as addicted to DOGS as I am, you’d be happy to note that Britain is becoming more dog-friendly! From dog meet-up groups to dating with your dog, yoga with dogs, doggy play dates, and even pet-sitting swap-favours, there’s a ton of WOOFalicious activities going on. Google search and you’ll find a lot, including several groups on Facebook. So, I thought I’d share some things that are happening in my network. Dog-lovers, please share these with your fellow dog-lovers.


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What you see here about chew-toys was posted by my friend Debbie, on Facebook. It was viewed over 3 million times, and shared over 53,000 times. I wish every one of the 3 million people who saw this post had commented, shared, “Like”d etc. Please show your support and help spread the message, so we can warn as many dog-lovers as possible.

If you raise Italian Greyhounds and would like to attend monthly meet-up groups in central London (mainly London Liverpool Street area), then you can apply to join Iggies of London, a private group on Facebook. If you don’t use Facebook, then you can send a text message to  078 5197 6445  with your name, location and the number of dogs you would like to bring with you. You will then be added to their what’s app group. They welcome small Whippets too.

If your dog falls in to the “Sighthound” category, and if you can get to Bethnal Green / Victoria Park area, check out Sighthound Sundays; a hugely popular meet-up group. They also have a website.

If you raise Whippets, then have a look at Whippet Up, another group that has grown rapidly in popularity! They also welcome Italian Greyhounds.

If you have a small dog and live in Wapping, Tower Hill, Aldgate, Whitechapel, Spitalfields or nearby areas, you can be invited to attend a private meet-up group in Wapping. It happens on Saturdays & Sundays. For details, please send a text message to  078 5197 6445  with your name, location, and how many dogs you have.

Need a dog-sitter/dog-walker in East London? Then contact Simon Bulpin and say you got his contact from me. Lovely person, well-experienced in doggy-care!

If you’re a dog-parent in London or nearby, see The Londog and Dog Events & Things To Do.

Click the image below to visit The DogVine, a must-read for dog-parents living in the city.





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