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Our friend Betsy Hanson‘s first ever novel is out! It’s a sort-of tribute to the legendary Barbara Pym, whose comedies of manners are very much loved to this day. I even coined the term “Pymsters” to describe those that love Pym’s work and the term was used alongside the original term “Pymite” at a Barbara Pym event I attended last year. Click Here to buy the book. And do also watch her interview here. I keep in touch with Betsy via Facebook and told her I shall tell everyone I know, about her book.

What an interesting title this is? I’ve bumped in to Pauline Chakmakjian at a few parties too.

She’s an  international foreign policy and foreign relations entrepreneur and is also the founder of The Japan Room.

Get the book by Clicking Here. I would advise you to download the Kindle edition.

It looks like a children’s book but it really isn’t one! Again, never judge a book by its cover. Deceptively simple in appearance yet heavy in content, this is the first in a series of books.

It aims to communicate tenets of freedom in an entertaining manner as opposed to complex, intellectual discourse, which has already been attempted many times in history, but to little avail. Moreover, each book alludes to a few famous works of art.


Roma Tearne is one of those “niche” writers that not everybody knows about. She’s almost like a well-kept secret, among her readers. I first discovered her books on the bookshelf of the mother of a young lady who worked as my assistant for a few months. She invited me to have dinner at her mother’s place, and that was when my introduction to Roma’s books happened. Several years later, I would read The Swimmer, a birthday gift from a friend who knew I liked reading Sri Lankan authors. Atmospheric and beautifully written, this book was UNPUTDOWNABLE for me! A few more years would pass, and I would be invited to the launch party of The White City, Roma’s first “dystopian” book, set in Britain, towards the end of a second ice age. We chatted for a long time, and I am looking forward to meeting up with this fascinating author again.

Jill Robinson’s books centred on “small town oddness” and eccentricities of life in the country-side, continue to sell at village fêtes and community events, and she also takes a bundle of books with her when giving talks and speeches at various events. A passionate journalist and author, Jill has also written for The Guardian. Get her books HERE. There are a few available on Amazon, but I’d advise you to buy it from Jill’s website, directly. I’ve now read all of her books!

Yasemen Kaner-White with TV chef Michel Roux Jr., at her book promotion.

It’s been 7 years since its publication, and my friend Yasemen Kaner-White continues to both promote and sell her book Lemon Compendium, at events. A fabulous book packed full of interesting recipes; all featuring the versatile fruit that is lemon. TV chef Nigella Lawson tweeted about this. I recently attended another promotion Yasemen was doing. The book is certainly popular. Click Here to see an article I did about it, way back in 2014.

Talking of food, Edward Daniels’ Vegan Book is now available on Amazon. A lot of hard work has gone in to this book. And I am pleased to have a copy of it. Please consider buying it directly from the author by Clicking Here. If you’re not vegan, why not explore it? It’s one of the world’s fastest growing lifestyle trends. If not, you can always get this as a gift for someone. I’m sure they’ll appreciate it. There are some wonderfully unique recipes inside.

If you love historic fiction, you’ll love my friend Gill Paul’s books. Her book The Secret Wife, even made her a Number #1 Best-selling author on Amazon! It’s set in Imperial Russia, covers military action, romance, politics and so on. Her latest work Another Woman’s Husband has also had many wonderful reviews. Never judge a book by its cover, the say!

Gill’s books may seem like romantic fiction for women, but I personally know men who have enjoyed her books; mainly No Place for A Lady, set during the Crimean War (quite a lot of military action!) and The Affair set in 1960s Rome. I met Gill through a cameraman whom I have worked with many times, and became close friends with. He knew Gill’s partner who does animation and graphics. I’ve since attended 2 of Gill’s book launch parties and have also met her at a few other parties in central London’s social scene.




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