Fitness Instructor Eart Cottrell at Market Sports Gym

His Name is Earl! Meet my new Trainer at Market Sports Gym.

Photos by Tito Nicolau at FrogInRedTie

I was rather annoyed when the management of Market Sports gym transferred my personal trainer Lucian Comiza to a new branch of theirs. Apparently he is so good that Luciana Ramos (then manager of the gym), decided to take her star performer with her, when she moved to the new branch The Fitness Mosaic. As much as I enjoyed working out with Lucian, I am in no way going to trek all the way to Chalk Farm, although it isn’t that far from my neighbourhood in Old Street.

But the whole point of going to a gym in the neighbourhood is because one can just walk there. When everything one needs is within walking distance, one gets used to that. I can even walk to the West End as well as most parts in the City of London district. So it is a bit of a hassle to have to go out of this area. You see when you live in a neighbourhood like ours, you get used to the hub/community/neighbourhood commune lifestyle. Shoreditch does that to you, which may or may not be a good thing.

Funnily enough, I didn't find this as difficult as I thought it was
Funnily enough, I didn’t find this as difficult as I thought it was

So anyway.. I was curious when I spotted this new guy at the gym. A Fitness Instructor, he had just joined and there was just something about him. That je ne sais quoi. Was it the personality? I spoke to him briefly and a few days later, got to spend more time with him. Earl Cottrell is a charming Australian guy with a genuine passion for what he does; Fitness! He is also very much into yoga and has built up a good reputation for himself within a short period, at the gym.

I decided that Earl would be my personal trainer and wanted to use my complimentary/promotional membership to publicise him and his work. I’ve only just started with him and we’ve done a Power Plate session. Earl’s catch phrase is “Smash It!” (which is funny, as I use that catch phrase to describe activities that do not happen in the gym, if you get my drift:).

Power Plate session with Earl was great! I kept going and he kept encouraging me, telling me how well I was doing. I have fun on the vibrating power plates. Especially when I am standing on the machine, and the vibrations make my facial muscles (especially cheeks!) jiggle. Try talking while doing it. You would sound a bit sci-fi sitcom character-ish! I’m probably the only one in the gym who is laughing and joking all the way through exercise, chatting to the trainer. It gets me some amused and annoyed looks from other members. It’s almost like you’re not supposed to have fun in the gym. I don’t believe one has to punish oneself in order to get the most of their workout. What’s wrong with enjoying it? If you are not enjoying your exercise routine even a bit, then something is not right. Talk to a trainer.

Earl has the ideal attitude and personality for a Trainer. He is friendly and charming, and encourages you to give it your best, while also allowing you space and time to do it in your own pace. He is pushy just about to the right extent and has a fun vibe about him. He takes a genuine interest in those he trains and is armed with a ton of advice, hints and tips. I would recommend him to anyone, and I hope and pray that the gym doesn’t transfer/promote him to another new gym the might have coming up, just like they did to my precious trainer! 

The exercises were brilliant. A full body workout. I felt refreshed and revitalised after stretching post-session. Try going for a short swim and/or spend some time in the steam room afterwards, then finish with a warm shower, ending it with a splash of cold water if you can bear it!

By the way, I think the best way to exercise is to do a full body workout on one day, then follow it up with a cardio class or stretching exercise such as yoga or pilates the following day, and so on. This gives your body time to recover. Some guys at the gym workout the upper body on one day, followed by the lower body on the 2nd day, and then go for a class. Some attend classes only during weekends. It all depends on what works for you, and a good personal trainer will point you in the right direction. (Please scroll down for offers).

To make use of the following offers, please contact the gym’s manager Ben Allen on 020 7739 6688 and quote “Emmanuel Ray” while making an inquiry.

* Non-members can now book Power Plate training sessions at Market Sports for £15 per session. I’d recommend booking 10 sessions (£150). Members get it for £120 and can also Try-Before-Buy with a free session first. Click Here for more information. 

* If you become a member at Market Sports and introduce a friend, you can get £5 knocked off your membership for 6 months. If you introduce 2 friends it’s £10 off for 6 months, and so on. 

* Weekend Only memberships are available at Market Sports for £35 a month (1 month rolling contract, so you can cancel at any time) which allow you entry from 5pm Friday until Sunday 6pm, with all classes and facilities included.

* Market Sports is the best gym I have been to. It’s exactly how a gym should be like, and is very popular with locals and those who work in and around the area. Situated in trendy Shoreditch and close to the The City, the gym also has the only 25 metre, chlorine free, swimming pool around town. Cleverly designed & built, this compact gym has all the facilities one would expect from a gym.

Please Note: Earl Cottrell has now left Market Sports. For 1 to 1 Personal Training sessions (outdoors, at your home/garden), you can contact him on 075 1762 6704

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