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The Mane Illusion! Experience Fuller & Thicker Hair with Kerafiber.

May as well flex that bicep while posing for the picture! Lol 🙂 I was rather intrigued when I heard about Kerafiber. Now, I have always had thick, wild & curly hair. An unruly mane if you like. So, having got on to the stage as a child performer at 6, becoming a model at 15 and going into Presenting in my late 20s, my hair has gone through a lot of styling; curling, ironing, blow drying and back combing, not to mention the endless hair products that often contain harsh chemicals. These things eventually do take their toll on one’s hair follicles.

Hair stylists used to tell me how lustrous and thick my hair was, and I used to look after my hair with great hair, often using natural remedies to repair, moisturise and stimulate. But in recent years, my hair care was largely neglected due to being extremely busy with work assignments, family commitments and so on.  It wasn’t long before I started experiencing minor hair loss. My voluminous hair was beginning to thin. Thankfully there are no bald patches, but my hair is definitely thinner than it used to be, with less density.

I panicked of course and went for a medical test. Everything seemed fine. Once I started eating properly, sleeping well and sticking to a routine, while re starting my exercise regimen, I noticed that my hair loss had slowed down. Although I do not have noticeable hair loss, I do miss having extra thick, dense hair and have decided to do more research into what I can do about it. Going for a hair transplant would be absurd. I am not at that stage yet and hope I’d never be. So, let me tell you about Kerafiber.

Kerafiber Hair Building Fibers, Hair Thickening Shampoo and Conditioner
Kerafiber Hair Building Fibers, Hair Thickening Shampoo and Conditioner

Their star product is the Hair Building Fibers container. It instantly thickens thinning hair and is made of 100% all-natural organic keratin protein. Completely undetectable and gives volume to one’s hair, and it’s both rain and perspiration proof. I actually sprinkled water on my hair and scalp to see if this is true and yes, it is. Visit the website or check out their Youtube channel for around 20 videos featuring customers, hair stylists and trichologists.

Great products at such a cheap rate! And they work too. Well, I’ve only used the shampoo, conditioner and the fibers and can vouch for them. Get the Hair Optimiser comb which comes in handy while putting the fibers close to your hair line (above forehead).  The volumising shampoo is fantastic and added thickness to my hair. Conditioner usually tends to weigh hair down, but not this one! I was very pleased with the results.

To get the best results, I gently blow dried my hair in a low heat setting, while doing circular movements on my hair, using my fingers (as seen in the picture above). So basically I used my fingers as moving curlers, and ended up with such thick mega bouncy curls. I thought I went a bit overboard. But when those I came across that day (a few friends) told me how amazing my hair looked, I was flattered. Even a complete stranger in the lift (when I was visiting the Savoy hotel to see an old friend) said my hair looked amazing. “Can I touch it?” she asked and I let her. “Wow, it so thick and curly yet soft,” she said.  

When you purchase Kerafiber products, make sure you read the instructions clearly. Here’re some of my own tips;

Don’t apply the fibers in a hurry! You need patience and time for accuracy, and once you get the hang of it, you will be quicker. 

  • It’s alright to sleep in Kerafiber. It’s all natural and did not rub off on my pillow. This is not a powder. It’s actual Keratin protein that our hair is made of! It’s advisable to wash it off every 2-3 days. Or more frequently than that if you prefer.  
  • You may want to wear thin, clear gloves (that are used for cooking), or very thin latex gloves while patting down the fibers into your hair and scalp, or even using your fingers to push them and work them on to the scalp. This is because the fibers can rub off onto your hands and make them sooty. But then again, you can wash them off with soap and water once you’ve finished the procedure. 
  • Take care and tilt your head a bit backwards while applying the fibers towards the top of your forehead. The fibers can fall on to your forehead, and then you’d have to wipe it off with a damp cloth, or just wash off with water. 
  • If you are completely bald, there is no point in buying Kerafiber. You need to have at least a reasonable amount of hair for the fibers to stick on, although they also stick on to your scalp. (Continued..)
The Hair Building Fibers also come in a variety of shades!
The Hair Building Fibers also come in a variety of shades!

This product is perfect for those who are on a budget or are unable to afford the expensive hair transplant or hair regrowth treatments. One can always use this as a temporary fix, while saving up money for a proper medical treatment. 

And finally, do NOT blindly go to any salon, medical centre etc for hair transplant or hair regrowth treatments. Do as much research as possible. Set aside time for the free consultations these companies offer, and make up your mind in the end and choose the right one. The guy feeling always helps, and you must also make an appointment with your GP, and ask to be referred to a Trichologist, if you are concerned about hair loss.

Click Here to watch the videos.  

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