Emmanuel Ray with his Trainer Lucian Comiza at Market Sports Gym

The Personal Trainer cometh! Introducing the fabulous Lucian Comiza at Market Sports.

Photos by Tito Nicolau at Frog in Red Tie. 

Oh Honey, smile much? Lol 🙂 The Man in Black in the picture above is Lucian Comiza. This charming Romanian Romeo is a brilliant trainer at Market Sports gym. He does smile you know? A lot. Sometimes from ear to ear! But today he is in a serious mood, strictly meaning business.

Lucian is everything one needs in a Trainer; professional, efficient, punctual, reliable, friendly, cheerful and charming and can be demanding and pushy when needed. Especially when training a spoilt and lazy person like me! In fact, Lucian is a Fitness Instructor at Market Sports. He is not freelancing there as a Personal Trainer. OK, so here’s what happened..

Lucian was training a friend of his at Market Sports, and Luciana Ramos, the gym’s manager (a sexy Brazilian beauty, by the way! ;), impressed by his training skills, offered him a job on the spot! But alas, there wasn’t any space left for Personal Trainers and the gym already has many of them. So Lucian was employed as a Fitness Instructor, thus his job means he has to take new members through their induction and show them how to use the exercise machines.

Lucian and I clicked instantly! I was at the right place at the right time, and wanted some help with using some of the more complicated machines. We had a chat and he agreed to train me once. I had an hour with him and was impressed at how good he was. So I asked the management to make an exception for me and let him train me on a regular basis, as my Personal Trainer. As this was a sponsored deal from Market Sports, they agreed, given the fact that I write regular features about the gym and the various classes I enjoy there.

I have been enjoying our sessions together. I never thought I would look forward to working out regularly as I had completely lost interest in fitness recently and “let myself go” a bit. Eating a lot, drinking amazing fine wines, snacking, sleeping until late, partying, flirting, bed- hopping and bar-hopping etc., you get the picture! But ever since Lucian Comiza stepped into my life, things have started to change. I am now beginning to stick to a daily routine and discipline.

Now don’t get me wrong, I have trained at various gyms with talented personal trainers (as part of my promotional write ups, features and blogs), all who have been good at their job. But let’s just say that Lucian Comiza is excellent! The best of the best. The cream of the crop. The icing on the gym-cake! Well, you get the point.

The most amazing and motivational fitness professional I have ever trained with, Lucian has given me a lot of advice, hints and tips is helping me go from spoilt, over-indulgent, pleasure-loving, stubborn brat, to becoming a focused and disciplined individual who “gets things done” and doesn’t slack. In other words, the old/previous/fabulous Emmanuel Ray that I thought was gone forever is coming back! Lucian has also advised me to keep a food diary which he reviews on a weekly basis. He is not afraid to tell me when I am not doing what I should be and has also told me off for slacking and being lazy while exercising.

Once he actually said, rather forcefully, “DID I ASK YOU TO STOP? OK, NOW YOU DON’T GET TO LEAVE THE ROWING MACHINE FOR ANOTHER 15 MINUTES!” Oops! At first I was annoyed (and a bit embarrassed as other members were watching!), and then realised that this was a good thing. I needed to be pushed. The only person I have ever listened to in the past was my Dad. I remembered Daddy encouraging me to exercise; cycle, ride a motor bike, run, play cricket and do martial arts. He would also watch what I ate and make me good food. Alas, Lucian won’t be cooking anything for me. But he gives me advice on my diet. When I say things like “I haven’t done this for a long time, so I want to start slow etc (various excuses!),” he quickly reminds me that I can. “You have been doing Yoga, Spin Class, Pilates, Circuit Training and Outdoor Bootcamp (he reads my blogs!). So don’t give me this nonsense about not having exercised for a long time!” OMG, I never thought I would actually listen to someone who spoke to me in this manner. But thankfully, I do. Lucian is doing this for my own good and I have started seeing a change already.

I have always had a super toned body. I never liked weight lifting and mostly did running, dance and cycling. But once you get to your 30s, I believe one should pay attention to “proper” exercise and diet. After my body went soft (I did less exercise in 2012 and stopped completely after summer, and only started again this year!). By that time, my body was at the entrance to chubby territory! It looked like I was about to get a double chin. My stomach was no longer super-flat, and my pectoral muscles weren’t as firm as they used to be. Thankfully, my lower body; glutes, thighs and calves were still alright. Maybe because I walk as much as I can!

So there I was! Standing in front of the mirror, hating the fact that I was no longer super toned, and still thanking Cupid for making sure my love life and sex life were not affected by my now not-so-fabulous physique. Thankfully, those whom I see regularly for passionate and intimate moments, do not judge me by this and know me well. I have had close friends advise me to lead a clean and healthy lifestyle, and that starts now! No more postponing. My close friends like me for who I am, and accept me as I am. But that is no good in the long run. I want people to lust after me, gaze at and admire my super toned body, compliment me on how hot I look, and preferably grope, fondle and caress me as well. I want people to undress me with their eyes, and I am dying to wear slim fit shirts and tailored trousers, tight tops and shorts – all over again, so I can show off a body that resembles that of a young thoroughbred horse. Or at least look like an athletic teenage boy!

Lucian Comiza usually starts the routine with cardio. One day I would start on the cross trainer. On another day I would start the session with cycling, or rowing. Running on the treadmill! It’s all good as long you mix it up. I do a full body workout with Lucian and I am at the beginning stage. I have been maintaining a healthy diet with fresh vegetables, seafood, fresh fruit and good carbs. I have brown rice, brown spaghetti, rye bread etc all which I mix and match with various items; various kinds of seafood (fish, prawns, shell fish), green vegetables, eggs etc. I have re discovered my love for good, healthy and nutritious food, and am enjoying making my way down Ray land… in order to conquer the fabulous super toned Golden Ray again!

Here’s a sample of what we did. We targeted the whole body, so it was a Full Body Workout. We started with rowing (can also be alternated with cycling, running, cross trainer etc). With squat overhead reach, we worked on my posture. Lucian told me I needed to keep my back straight, my shoulders back and my chest out. Proper preening posture! Lol J

We then moved onto push ups, working out my chest and triceps. Then we did squats with frontal raise (a compound exercise targeting several big muscle groups at the same time). We moved onto targeting my posture again with “mid row” and upper back workout. Next up was lunges targeting quadriceps and glutes. Working from upper to lower body into an X sequence, we did a full body workout by finishing with targeting smaller muscle groups; deltoid, biceps,triceps and abs. I then cooled down on the cross trainer 5 minutes and ended the session with stretching. It feels great to follow up this amazing workout with about 10 minutes in the steam room (don’t forget your water bottle when you go in there!), and a cold shower. Moisturise and do the grooming routine in front of a mirror and head home to an amazing meal of mackerel, vegetables, and brown rice!

By the way, while exercising at the gym, I ran into former adult film actor Dean Monroe. He retired after 15 years in the industry and still looks great! Well, we men do tend to age better, don’t we? OK, not all of us, but those who look after ourselves. Unless of course you have very good genes that are indestructible. I’ve seen Dean at the gym before but only got to talk to him today. He usually does short but high resistance workouts with weights, and sometimes hangs on the bar and twists around like a preening Tarzan!

I always keep my eyes and ears open for gossip (that’s the Presenter & Writer in me!) and overheard 2 guys in the locker room talking about spotting model David Gandy at the gym. The girls who come to our Yoga class were saying they had seen diva modelista Naomi Campbell at the gym, and “that actor from Eastenders,” although nobody could remember his name!

It doesn’t surprise me that famous people are members at the fabulous Market Sports gym,  although the management wouldn’t tell me anything, despite me asking them repeatedly. They care about their members’ privacy, which is understandable.

So there you have it! If Market Sports is good enough for one of the most iconic supermodels that ever walked the runway, one of Britain’s most successful male models, a porn star who was very much in demand and made some daring movies, AND an award winning Presenter (that’s Me, if you’re quite slow to grasp!) and spoilt socialite – then it’s surely good enough for everyone else? Market Sports is one of the oldest and most popular gyms in Shoreditch/Old Street and is used by several locals as well as city workers too as it’s situated close to the financial district. Why not pop in and have a look?

Please Note; Lucian Comiza is now based at The Fitness Mosaic in Chalk Farm, near Camden Town.

Contact the gym’s manager Ben Allen on 020 7739 6688 and quote “Emmanuel Ray.”

Do browse through their Website and have a look at their Youtube videos.

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