• Emmanuel Ray with his Trainer Lucian Comiza at Market Sports Gym

    The Personal Trainer cometh! Introducing the fabulous Lucian Comiza at Market Sports.

    Photos by Tito Nicolau at Frog in Red Tie.¬† Oh Honey, smile much? Lol ūüôā The Man in Black in the picture above is Lucian Comiza. This charming Romanian Romeo is a¬†brilliant¬†trainer at Market Sports gym. He does smile you know? A lot. Sometimes from ear to ear! But today he is in a serious mood, strictly meaning business. Lucian is everything one needs in a Trainer; professional, efficient, punctual, reliable, friendly, cheerful and charming and can be demanding¬†and pushy when needed. Especially when training a spoilt and lazy person like me! In fact, Lucian is a Fitness Instructor at Market Sports. He is not freelancing there as a Personal…

  • monica harris actress model

    I’m roped into ZOMBIE SNUFF MOVIES!

    I was delighted when emerging film-maker Peter Thorndike offered me a role in his upcoming comedy horror ZOMBIE SNUFF MOVIES!¬†The woman above is model/actress Monica Harris.¬† I love anything and everything to do with horror; death, gore, cutting, chopping, disembowelling etc (only in movies, obviously!). You can imagine how thrilled I was! So I immediately said YES. The fact that I am paired opposite seductive glamour model & actress Monica Harris is the icing on the cake! Monica has appeared in¬†Playboy, FHM, Loaded, Maxim, Nuts, Zoo, 100% Biker and Marquis. She is a presenter for¬†Extreme Brawl and Nite Life TV. Her acting credits include Eastenders, The Bill¬†and ¬†Come Fly With…