• Emmanuel Ray with his Trainer Lucian Comiza at Market Sports Gym

    The Personal Trainer cometh! Introducing the fabulous Lucian Comiza at Market Sports.

    Photos by Tito Nicolau at Frog in Red Tie.  Oh Honey, smile much? Lol 🙂 The Man in Black in the picture above is Lucian Comiza. This charming Romanian Romeo is a brilliant trainer at Market Sports gym. He does smile you know? A lot. Sometimes from ear to ear! But today he is in a serious mood, strictly meaning business. Lucian is everything one needs in a Trainer; professional, efficient, punctual, reliable, friendly, cheerful and charming and can be demanding and pushy when needed. Especially when training a spoilt and lazy person like me! In fact, Lucian is a Fitness Instructor at Market Sports. He is not freelancing there as a Personal…

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    Tips from Mr. Romania; The Fitness Instructor at Market Sports!

    Well, he hasn’t really won a Male Beauty Pageant, but that’s the new nickname I’ve bestowed upon Lucian Comiza, my trainer at Market Sports Gym! He is always armed with hints & tips about exercise, diet etc, and I constantly ask him various questions. I thought I’d share some of what I found out, with you readers. What sort of foods would you recommend before a full body workout, and how long does one have to wait after a meal before doing the workout? Each person is different. Therefore goals vary from one individual to another. There is no such thing as a “perfect regime or diet.” It all depends on the individual and his/her goals. Before a session you…

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    A Weight Off My Mind at Market Sports!

    I’ve never really enjoyed going to the gym, and have always preferred running and exercising at home or outdoors, whenever the weather permits.  But ever since I joined Market Sports, I’ve started to enjoy going to the gym, which I thought would never happen. I used to force myself to go to the gym lately just so I can become super toned again, but thanks to the amazing staff at Market Sports who are very motivational and friendly, and the instructors I’ve had, the classes I’ve attended etc.. the experience has actually become satisfying and fulfilling. I started yesterday’s workout with Tom McDaid, fitness manager at Market Sports. Tom did the…

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    The Best Gym in the City! (Promotional Offer)

    Joining Market Sports gym is the best decision I’ve made this summer! It is definitely the best gym I have been to in The City so far, and is situated in my neighbourhood (Shoreditch). It is exactly what a gym should be like. Simple, straight forward, useful and functional, with all the modern exercise equipment one needs. It’s very busy during peak times and popular classes tend to get booked up fast, so it is advisable to be an early bird! The buzz, vibe and atmosphere in this place are all great!   An impressive list of classes, fantastic personal trainers and efficient staff are just some of the features that make the Market Sports experience feel both personal and special. The people are an eclectic…