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    Have an Affair in 1960s Rome!

    I met author Gill Paul by accident. A beautiful woman with a cheerful smile and a warm personality, she was introduced to my by Karel Bata, a friend of Iain Clark (video producer and one of my best friends). You see.. Karel worked on the production crew for the pilot episode of the Emmanuel Ray Show, which I co produced with Iain. We became friends and he invited me to his birthday party at The Heights Bar in St George’s Hotel, Mayfair. And that is where I met Gill. Our conversation was brief but interesting. We got on like a house on fire and she told me about her latest…

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    Zoe Griffin wants YOU to Get Rich Blogging!

    I wanted to review this book once I have finished reading it from cover to cover! As I always do with reviews, I experience the product first, so it is fair to you readers (journalists & bloggers take note!). Me and Diane Zoe Griffin, showbiz bloggerista extraordinaire, launched her book Get Rich Blogging at the Google Campus and invited me along. I went with my friend & neighbour Diane Macaulay, who put on a pretty sky-blue vintage dress and a gorgeous beaded necklace. I wore my green silk shirt by Katherine Humphries.   Get Rich Blogging could well become the Bible for Bloggers! Packed with information ranging from the informative to…

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    How to Start a Business Now!

    There are tons of books, websites and blogs out there doling out advice on how to start a business fast. But how many of you aspiring entrepreneurs and emerging business people have actually read them from beginning to end?  This is the first book on the topic that I have read from cover to cover. Why? Not only is it informative and educational, but also quite entertaining and easy to read. FRUITFUL BUSINESS; How to Start a Business Now was written by Lotwina Farodoye, a working mother who started a natural fruit bar business by using the money she received from being made redundant.   Now an award winning businesswoman,…