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How to Start a Business Now!

There are tons of books, websites and blogs out there doling out advice on how to start a business fast. But how many of you aspiring entrepreneurs and emerging business people have actually read them from beginning to end? 

This is the first book on the topic that I have read from cover to cover. Why? Not only is it informative and educational, but also quite entertaining and easy to read.

FRUITFUL BUSINESS; How to Start a Business Now was written by Lotwina Farodoye, a working mother who started a natural fruit bar business by using the money she received from being made redundant.  

Now an award winning businesswoman, public speaker and business consultant, Lotwina encourages her readers to unleash their potential and pursue their business dreams. Her story was featured on the BBC.

Her fruit bars ended up being sold nationwide in major supermarkets, in  thousands of independent shops across Britain as well as globally online, enabling Lotwina to sell her business after just 3 years. 

Lotwina talks to the reader in a rather casual and chatty tone. Imagine talking to your friend or sister who’s achieved her dreams and cannot wait to share the story with you over drinks. And she tells you everything… including all the juicy details, hints and tips! 

That’s how one feels while reading this book. A gifted author, Lotwina paints a realistic and clear picture of her story and includes several aspects which any emerging entrepreneur or aspiring businessman/woman can relate to.

From developing your product to market research, developing your brand to reaching the masses, Lotwina leaves no stone unturned. She also includes advice, Dos and Don’ts regarding how to get your products into the press, radio and television, which is quite insightful.

If you ever want a book that lists out all the basics and vital information about starting your own business, in the most simple and effective way, then this is it!

Click Here to buy the book. It would also make an ideal gift for a friend who thinks about starting their own business. See  Lotwina’s TV interview below.


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