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Royal Wedding Party at Devonshire Terrace

The Royal Wedding celebrations at Devonshire Terrace was a wonderful event! It happened on Friday 18 May. They hosted a party complete with glitter face painting, glass slipper smashing and Meghan Sparkles cocktails – a delicious drink mixed with Ketel One Vodka, elderflower, vanilla, violet liqueur and fresh blackberries, then topped up with prosecco.

There was also a lot of food around. I particularly liked the sweet snacks. Staff at Devonshire Terrace were as welcoming and charming as always. I went to the party early and left when it was beginning to get too crowded. I live just down the road from the venue, and it was nice of them to have invited me.

I wore my powder blue T-shirt (which is quite smart, with an oversized collar), white linen trousers, brown flip flops, belt and sunglasses. Tan man-bag (or man-clutch? I hate the word mlutch! Why can’t we just say clutch?) and a tribal necklace. I washed and conditioned my hair, then gently towel-dried it and let it air-dry naturally.

Emmanuel Ray at Devonshire Terrace

The Prince Harry look-alike certainly got a lot of attention! He’s a charming young man from Devon, one of my favourite parts of the UK, so we chatted about all the wonderful spots in Devon. He was a Devonian in Devonshire Terrace! And his agent who accompanied him turned out to be artist Maria Pandeli, a former neighbour of mine in Chelsea. Small world!

The staff at Devonshire Terrace expressed interest in me hosting an event at their venue, so I will be talking to them about soon. Now that I am planning on re-starting my social gatherings; Socialite Evenings by Emmanuel Ray, I have already started speaking to a few venues about possible events. To receive an invitation to my events, please scroll down to the bottom of this page and enter your details in the “subscribe to my newsletter” page.

Click Here to see a few images from some events in the past. Check the albums titled “Socialite Evenings.” You can also follow me on Instagram, Facebook and Twitter @EmmanuelRayLive

And by the way, look how fancy the duty manager of Devonshire Terrace looks? Apparently he dresses like this all the time. I love the outfit! Although… his trousers were so tight I could make out how much money he had in his pocket! I would never be able to pull that off. Way too uncomfortable. But this guy seemed to have been poured in to it and didn’t seem to feel uncomfortable at all.

Emmanuel Ray with the dapper duty manager of Devonshire Terrace

And here’s a little video clip I took on my phone, when the party had only just begun.

Featured image courtesy: Hello Magazine

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