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    Meeting The Authoress!

    With author & journalist Jill Robinson beside some rather beautiful sculptures in London’s popular Spitalfields Market. I now have all of Jill’s books! I’m really taking to her Hebden Bridge series focused on “small town oddness” and the eccentricities and quirkiness of village life in Britain. I love traveling to small towns, rural areas, the seaside and market towns in Britain, so that’s one of many reasons why I love Jill’s books. I didn’t really think I’d enjoy the books this much, given the fact that the protagonist is a middle-aged woman named Jess (probably based on the writer herself) but the books are funny, witty and rather heart-warming. Jill…

  • Yasemen Kaner-White at her book launch at Yunus Emre Turkish Cultural Centre, London.

    Lemon Compendium; A MUST-Have Book for Every Household!

    Featured image; Yasemen Kaner-White at her book launch at Yunus Emre Turkish Cultural Centre, London. Just after I published this post, and was about to (twitter) tag the author (Yasemen Kaner-White) of the book I am about to tell you all about, I wanted to call her personally and tell her to send a signed copy of the book to Nigella Lawson. So imagine how surprised I was when I saw this on Twitter. Pinned Tweet Yasemen Kaner-White @YasemenKW · Nov 20 Thrilled another lemon lover, @NigellaLawson herself, has featured one of my recipes http://www.nigella.com/cookbook-corner/view/lemon-compendium-144 … Isn’t that amazing? Perhaps the Gods of Culinary read my mind and sent a laser ray over to Nigella and Yasemen at the same time! How very thrilling…

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    Have an Affair in 1960s Rome!

    I met author Gill Paul by accident. A beautiful woman with a cheerful smile and a warm personality, she was introduced to my by Karel Bata, a friend of Iain Clark (video producer and one of my best friends). You see.. Karel worked on the production crew for the pilot episode of the Emmanuel Ray Show, which I co produced with Iain. We became friends and he invited me to his birthday party at The Heights Bar in St George’s Hotel, Mayfair. And that is where I met Gill. Our conversation was brief but interesting. We got on like a house on fire and she told me about her latest…

  • After the Rain Philip Cox

    AFTER THE RAIN by Philip Cox

    In this brilliant debut novel, UK based author Philip Cox takes us to Davenport, a small town in Florida, USA.  Adam, a handsome and successful investment banker leaves London on holiday with his friends. They stay at Adam’s family holiday home in Florida. Adam goes missing. He was last spotted in a bar. Adam’s brother Craig and his friend Ben, fly out to find him. That is the plot, basically. The local police are unable to trace “The Missing Brit” (as the locals refer to him!) Or are they? Craig and Ben are eventually drawn into a dangerous cat-and-mouse game as they follow Adam’s trail and discover what happened to him that night.…