Meeting The Authoress!

With author & journalist Jill Robinson beside some rather beautiful sculptures in London’s popular Spitalfields Market. I now have all of Jill’s books!

I’m really taking to her Hebden Bridge series focused on “small town oddness” and the eccentricities and quirkiness of village life in Britain. I love traveling to small towns, rural areas, the seaside and market towns in Britain, so that’s one of many reasons why I love Jill’s books.

I didn’t really think I’d enjoy the books this much, given the fact that the protagonist is a middle-aged woman named Jess (probably based on the writer herself) but the books are funny, witty and rather heart-warming. Jill does comedy very well! Full of interesting characters, some of whom remind me of people I’ve met during my travels.

Despite her limited knowledge with technology and being a self-published author, Jill manages to regularly sell her books at village fests, meetings, while giving talks & speeches at various clubs & associations and so on. I admire how hard she works to promote her work.

You can get the books on Amazon of course. But please consider buying them directly from Jill via her website and mention you heard it from me. I want her to know that I tell people about her!

And by the way… in January this year, I did a post on one of her books; Life’s Rich Tapestry. That was unputdownable and I finished it one single sitting, well… lying in bed at night, I read well in to the wee hours of the morning! Some of you ardent book-lovers would totally understand what I’m saying here.

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