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Fitness Instructor Earl Cottrell’s Hints & Tips

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As usual, Power Plate training session with Fitness Instructor Earl Cottrell at Market Sports gym was great! I always feel refreshed and revitalised after a session like this. Earl is a brilliant trainer! And I keep telling him that. Click Here to rad my previous experience with him. And today, I decided to share with you some of the useful tips, hints and advice he has given me.

Squats with Kettle Bell,  on Power Plate
Squats with Kettle Bell, on Power Plate

Before a power plates session you should be consuming a form of brown carbohydrate with some form of lean meat and vegetable.  An example of this could be sweet potato (brown carbohydrate), Turkey (lean meat) broccoli, and green beans, tomato (fruit and vegetable).  A meal like this should be consumed 1.5 to 2 hours before a session. 

There is a window of about 15 minutes before your session where you could also consume a form of natural pre-workout (pineapple, dried fruit) snack.  This will give you a natural spike of energy before your session. Also make sure you hydrate well before, during and after your training as this is vital for the distribution of nutrients within your body.

After exercise it is important to have a meal that includes lean meat (chicken), white carbohydrates (white pasta) and high protein vegetable (Broccoli, Beans). The reason for having white carbohydrate after training is because it allows for a spike of energy which in turn triggers off the efficient transportation of nutrients to aid in protein synthesis (muscle repair).  There have been many studies done on the appropriate post-training meal window.  Earl Cottrell personally finds that it is most effective to wait no longer than 1.5 hours after training, for a meal, and 30 minutes for an Isolate protein supplement. (Continued..)

Because of the stimulus (vibrations) coming from the power plate, your body’s receptors within the muscles have an innate response which means the part of your body being trained works at a minimum of 30% higher intensity than if you were to be training on the gym floor with no added stimulus.  This rule applies to all forms of power plate training.  Strength, Core, Balance, Stretching, Massage – all these can be done much more effectively when using a plate which in turn will get you much faster results weather your goal is to gain lean muscle and or burn unwanted calories. 

Power plates also offer benefits such as Increased immunity, cellulite reduction, lymphatic drainage (removal of unwanted substance from body), increase in HGH (Human growth hormone) which in turn increases lean muscle development and allows for a “calorie after burn affect,” which is when you continue to burn calories up to 3-4 hours post training. The benefits are endless!

Buying a 10 pack session of Power Plate training for £99 is the most efficient and cost effective way to do so.  Each session consists of half an hour of 1 on 1 Personal Training whether it is on or off the plate. Earl recommends up to 2 sessions per week for maximum benefits. He uses Power Plates every time he comes to train, be it for strength workout or recovery, which he says are his favourite types of power plate training.  The sessions have a 3 month expiry date before one will need to purchase new sessions.  You don’t need to have a break before re-continuing your sessions. Research shows that prolonged use has no negative implications on your body and mind. (Continued..)

Yoga at any time is a great attribute to anyone’s training, says Earl Cottrell. Many underestimate the importance of adequate and proper recovery after and in-between training sessions. Earl has made yoga a part of his training and the results he has seen are great. He has a toned athletic body, which I think is the kind of physique most Men would like to have these days.

Earl Cottrell is from Australia, and played football for several years at an elite level. He was also a domestic plumber part time, for about 5 years and then quit after his second ACL (Anterior Cruciate Ligament) reconstruction. Post-surgery, he focused on recovery, and then began a full time Personal Training course which ended in May 2014. 

During the course, his work consisted of outdoor Boot camps, 1 on 1 outdoor Personal Training sessions, managing staff at a local call centre and some private plumbing jobs. Earl then went travelling around Europe with his girlfriend for 4 months before coming to London in August 2014.

He was introduced to Market Sports by a friend, and he ended up getting a permanent job at the gym. Earl says he is surrounded by warm, fascinating, unique and friendly staff and members. That is true. This is a wonderful gym and it is always a pleasure to go there. At times Earl even forgets he’s at work, he says. (Continued..)

His current goal is to complete a 200 hour Yoga Teacher Training course in 2015 and combine this with his personal training. And he wants to gain more experience and qualifications in the diverse and amazing industry that is Fitness. 

To make use of the following offers, please contact the gym’s General Manager Ben Allen on 020 7739 6688 and quote “Emmanuel Ray” while making an inquiry.

* Non-members can now book Power Plate training sessions at Market Sports for £15 per session. I’d recommend booking 10 sessions (£150). Members get it for £120 and can also Try-Before-Buy with a free session first. 

* If you become a member at Market Sports and introduce a friend, you can get £5 knocked off your membership for 6 months. If you introduce 2 friends it’s £10 off for 6 months, and so on.

* Weekend Only memberships are available at Market Sports for £35 a month (1 month rolling contract, so you can cancel at any time) which allow you entry from 5pm Friday until Sunday 6pm, with all classes and facilities included.

* Market Sports is the best gym I have been to. It’s exactly how a gym should be like, and is very popular with locals and those who work in and around the area. Situated in trendy Shoreditch and close to the The City, the gym also has the only 25 metre, chlorine free, swimming pool around town. Cleverly designed & built, this compact gym has all the facilities one would expect from a gym.

Please Note: Earl Cottrell has now left Market Sports. For 1 to 1 Personal Training sessions (outdoors, at your home/garden), you can contact him on 075 1762 6704

Nominee, Positive Role Model 2013 (National Diversity Awards, UK). Nominee, London Personality of the Year 2012 (London Lifestyle Awards). Winner, Fashion Icon of the Year 2011 (Fashions Finest Awards, UK).

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