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Satisfy Your Sugar Cravings Guilt-Free!

I had a wonderful time presenting at and interviewing guests for Sweetly Stevia at the V Delicious festival in London Olympia. 

Imagine enjoying all your favourite desserts without worrying about calories! How about a sweetener that has no bitter after taste?

And what if I told you that this product is also gluten-free, diabetic friendly and tooth friendly(!), halal and kosher certified and is completely natural; 100% organic? 

Well, now you know why this product is special. Sweetly Stevia is also the only 100% vegan-certified sweetener in Britain. 

Launched by Brazilian entrepreneur Alberto Ingber, this product is fast generating interest among the health conscious among us and I think everyone should replace sugar with Sweetly Stevia. It most certainly is the best Stevia in the market, and trust me..  you’ll totally agree with me once you’ve tried it! Click Here to read the story behind this product.

Stevia (stevia rebaudiana), is a white-flowered bush bearing leaves that offer an intense sweetening ability and significant nutritional value. It grows naturally in the subtropical ecosystems of South America. The leaves contain eight compounds which give stevia its sweetness. These compounds are called steviol glycosides, the most common of which are steviosides and rebaudiosides.

At Sweetly Stevia, they use water to extract the product, and plant extract to give it texture. 

The brand’s commercial director Susan Marinakis explained to me they couldn’t find a way to be entirely calorie-free and stay true to their primary objectives which were to (1) be truly 100% Natural and (2) taste great!

There’s no point in having a zero-calorie product if people have to force themselves to use it! Even if they do, they’ll eventually go back to sugar! As a company interested in doing its bit in the battle versus obesity & diabetes, they want to develop products which people will want to use long term not and just as a quick fix.

Besides, research suggests that zero-calorie products trick the body because it doesn’t get any calorie injection for what it expects from the sweet taste ingested, potentially encouraging people to eat more than they should!

So, one teaspoon of Sweetly Stevia (5.2 kcal) = two teaspoons of sugar (40 kcal). Now isn’t that a great reduction?!

Click Here to see where you can buy Sweetly Stevia (both on and offline purchases). Have a look at the video below. It was quite fun doing impromptu interviews and some people got the name for the club wrong repeatedly. It was hilarious! 

However, all in all, it was a wonderful day out and I could not stop snacking on those delicious macaroons, toffee popcorn, cookies and washing it down with fresh lemonade, all containing this magical product.

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