salazar special paella with passion by jose salazar perez

The “Salazar Special, Paella with Passion” by London’s Best Spanish Chef!

The city of Murcia in South Eastern Spain is famous for it’s Paella. Murcia, one of Spain’s best kept secrets, is where my friend Jose Salazar Perez hails from. He lives upstairs, used to work at Patisserie Valerie (where I, personally, think his talents were wasted!) and is an amazing cook. I’ve been to various  Spanish restaurants and cafes in the past, but I’ve never tasted food like Jose’s before. There’s just that something extra in it. Something more, something special. Well, I’ve come to the conclusion that it’s his passion and it’s not what he does, but the way he does it!  

salazar special paella with passion by jose salazar perez I’ve tasted most of his dishes (his Tortilla is another one of my favourites) and I know that one of London’s best Spanish chefs is yet to be discovered by the city’s restaurant  industry and lives just above my home. Well, you see… I haven’t cooked in ages! Why should I? Jose’s upstairs. And downstairs, there live two charming Italian girls who also cook! I’ll tell you about them another time. Anyway… coming back to the Salazar Special: Paella with Passion, this is what I had for lunch today.

Jose cooked this Paella in Murcia style, with chicken, saffron rice, tomatoes, red pepper, garlic and olive oil. I’m sorry dear readers, but I’m unable to share the recipe with you as he’s fiercely protective of it. I don’t know what he did to this dish but it was so delicious, my friends/neighbours Maria and Javier, and I  literally forced him to make it for dinner too. 

salazar special paella with passion by jose salazar perezJose Salazar Perez is now available to cook his Salazar Special: Paella with Passion dish at Paella Parties a new trend that I have launched. Yes ME! It is the perfect get together for friends and family, is cheap and cheerful, with an exotic flavour and your very own chef. This is bespoke cooking at its very best, without you having to lift a finger (except to pull out cash from your wallet to pay him of course!), in the comfort of your own home. Entertain your guests and chat away while Jose cooks and serves! 

salazar special paella with passion by jose salazar perezDue to the economic crisis in Spain, tons of Spanish people have been salsaing into London and needless to add, bringing their culture with them. London has always had good Spanish restaurants, tapas bars and salsa clubs. But now, I am beginning to sense a certain raw Spanish authenticity, rustic and charming, slowly beginning to seep into our city. 

My Paella Parties have started becoming popular among friends and this is the second one we have done. Jose can cook to upto 20 people! So why not get your friends, family and or loved ones together and host a Paella Party? It is bound to go down a big hit and you’ll all have a great time.

Email us or connect with Jose himself on Facebook. Please share this post and help me publicise this undiscovered new culinary talent!  And follow me on Twitter @emmanuelray to receive invites to my Paella Parties!

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