• salazar special paella with passion by jose salazar perez

    The “Salazar Special, Paella with Passion” by London’s Best Spanish Chef!

    The city of Murcia in South Eastern Spain is famous for it’s Paella. Murcia, one of Spain’s best kept secrets, is where my friend Jose Salazar Perez hails from. He lives upstairs, used to work at Patisserie Valerie (where I, personally, think his talents were wasted!) and is an amazing cook. I’ve been to various  Spanish restaurants and cafes in the past, but I’ve never tasted food like Jose’s before. There’s just that something extra in it. Something more, something special. Well, I’ve come to the conclusion that it’s his passion and it’s not what he does, but the way he does it!    I’ve tasted most of his dishes (his Tortilla is another one of…