With Friends at The Shakespeare, our local pub.

My favourite pub in our neighbourhood is The Shakespeare. Run by the eccentrically fabulous Oscar Toma, the pub is a much loved hang out for locals, city workers and drifting alcoholics! All fun and games, the moment you step into The Shakespeare, you instantly feel relaxed and laid back.



In the picture above, you see artist and illustrator Heiner Radau who interns at Alexander McQueen, Myself (wearing Isaac Kotlyarevsky!), writer and copy editor Joanna Caveney, her mum Pauline (a brilliant painter) and her friend Pat.























And here’s Oscar treating us to his latest introductions to the pizza menu. The Oscar contains parma ham, rocket and a few other ingredients that I didn’t care to ask about. It looked delicious so we dug in! F#&@ Oscar(!) contains delicious cheese and Italian sausage.  Joanna was quite surprised by the title!


And here I am with the barmaid Stefania. Isn’t she cute?














Heiner clicked this picture when I took a break to check my messages. That hand made clutch bag on my lap is from Tressmore Designs, a gift I received while inaugurating Fashion Week Gibraltar last month.

The glasses and trousers I am wearing are from Retro Days, the private collection that we are yet to launch.

I am not wearing any make up, which is why I look a bit.. er, different?

All photos by Heiner Radau (Did I mention he was also a child actor while growing up in Germany?!). 










Nominee, Positive Role Model 2013 (National Diversity Awards, UK). Nominee, London Personality of the Year 2012 (London Lifestyle Awards). Winner, Fashion Icon of the Year 2011 (Fashions Finest Awards, UK).

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