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    An Open Letter to My Dear Audience!

    My Dear Audience, Friends and Fans.. my bread and butter, my livelihood, my meal ticket! Voting at London Lifestyle Awards closes on Friday 21 September at midnight. Most of you would be drunk by then (!), but here’s hoping you would be sober enough to get your smart phones out of your clutch purses and manbags and show me your support! Please scroll down to the 6th category London Personality of the Year and click Emmanuel Ray, then scroll down to the very end and Vote. If I win, that means more help for the emerging talent and struggling artists I support through my events. It also means more support for…

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    Emmanuel Ray Nominated for London Personality of the Year 2012

    Emmanuel Ray has been nominated for London Personality of the Year 2012 at London Lifestyle Awards, by his audience and members of the public. “Last year I became the first Asian to win a Fashion Icon award in Britain (Fashions Finest Awards 2011). I am honoured to have been awarded that title by the public” says Emmanuel Ray. “After only having had a few appearances in the mainstream media, I strongly believe I won this award because of my charity work and human rights campaigns” he added. Known for his honesty, outspokenness and entertainingly funny way of presenting fashion and lifestyle, Emmanuel Ray faced a life long battle with severe…

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    Meeting the Golden Olympian at LLA!

    Photo credit: Tom James and Emmanuel Ray at London Lifestyle Awards launch party, No 5 Cavendish Square, London Mayfair. Photo by www.jdphoto.co.uk As I chatted away to various people at the London Lifestyle Awards launch party, I asked this tall smart man what he does. “He’s a gold medalist” said a girl who stood next to us. So this is Thomas James, two times Olympic champion and victorious Cambridge Blue! Doesn’t he look smart in this suit? I wasn’t embarrassed. I don’t know anyone to be honest. And I am well familiar with the puzzled expressions people throw at me when they realise I hadn’t watched their TV show, the…

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    My London Lifestyle Award Nomination!

    A BIG thank you to all of you who nominated me for London Personality of the Year 2012 at London Lifestyle Awards. You can now vote for me by Clicking Here then scrolling down to the 6th category (London Personality of the Year), selecting Emmanuel Ray, scrolling to the end of the page, adding your email address and clicking “Vote.” My new PR person Tsvetelina Ilieva accompanied me to the event. I decided to keep things casual but colourful and unconsiously ended up wearing something old (my 90s jeans), something new (the Retro Days glasses), something borrowed (my friend Jazz’s Retro shirt!) and something blue (the iZipit bag). I didn’t think I’d end…