Psychosis through Catherine’s Eyes!

I met writer Catherine Amey at Brighton Fashion Week in April 2012. She interviewed me and we had a good chat the following day, just after the catwalk shows. I was intrigued when Catherine confessed to me that she had suffered from severe depression, as I have had to struggle with it for years too. I was even more intrigued when she told me she had written a book about her experiences.

Catherine Amey’s book signing.


Psychosis Through My Eyes is the sort of book that I would advise anyone to read as most of us suffer from depression at least a few times in our lives. The book is surprisingly entertaining and not patronising at all.  Catherine discusses her problem in such a way that most of us can relate to. Anxiety, stress, hallucinations, frustration, extreme happiness and extreme sadness.

Readers at Catherine Amey’s book launch.


What I didn’t expect was to laugh out loud when I read some parts. Catherine seems to have a brilliant sense of humour but I am not sure if it was her intention to make her book funny. “But if it makes people laugh as well as think, isn’t that a good thing?” she asked me when we spoke recently on the phone when I had severe bouts of depression and called her for advice.

Catherine Amey with a reader.


Despite being entertained, you’ve got to feel Catherine’s pain. Having to balance family life with writing and suffering severe depression has to be a traumatising experience. Although she has had to take medication, and often suffer for long periods of time, she somehow manages to see the light at the end of the tunnel, one feels.

Catherine reads an excerpt from her book.

Merging personal insight and scientific knowledge, Catherine clearly shows us how someone suffering from mental illness can make their own meaning of their experiences. You’ve also got to admire her courage of being able to be outspoken about such a personal thing and writing a book about it so it might help others in similar positions.

Click Here to get Psychosis Through My Eyes from Amazon, and read it in your own time.  I can guarantee that it would not only be informative and educational, but also entertaining. Now that’s an achievement for a writer, given this dark and disturbing subject matter.

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