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Please Help Save Dogs!

CLICK HERE to make a donation to help set up a charity (please read the details clearly. This cause is in aid of Saving Spanish Sighthounds: Galgo (Spanish Greyhound) and Podenco (Ibizan Hound), dogs that are casually abused, tortured, killed or abandoned in Spain’s inhuman ” Galguerros” hunting tradition.

Please also sign the petition by CLICKING HERE. Make sure that your donation is made on the JustGiving page by clicking the “Donate” button and either choosing one of the suggested amounts, or typing the amount you want to donate. Please do NOT make a donation on the petition page (after signing the petition). If you do “chip in,” the money goes to the petition site, to keep their various petitions doing, and will not go to a charity related to the dogs themselves. I just wanted to make this clear.

So, whether you make a donation and/or sign the petition, please read the details clearly. Oh, and please share this with others! Thank you.

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