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I was rather pleased when Skin Smiths opened a new clinic in our neighbourhood. It’s always thrilling when a new business opens in the area as I am always curious to know what they’re offering and if they are any good. Well, it turns out that they are!

Founded in New Zealand over 20 years ago, Skin Smiths now have a number of branches in London. Their unique selling point is a “Gym for Your Skin” type of membership programme that comes with an array of benefits; a schedule of treatments tailored to deliver you the best results, preferential membership pricing on treatments and products, regular skin reviews, payment plans (monthly instalments), Express Detox Treatments for you to use or gift, and a skincare starter kit containing Sunscreen, Cleanser and Face cloth.

Click Here to book your free consultation. And if you live and/or work in or near London Liverpool Street, then you book your free consultation at the Liverpool Street clinic and be eligible for a Free Detox Facial too! Quote “Emmanuel Ray” while booking.

The first treatment I had was an Express Detox Facial that lasted about 15 minutes (minus the consultation time and post-treatment review). In order to get the best results, one should go for regular facials of course. But I must say that I saw a difference after this treatment, which was more evident the following morning. My skin certainly looked fresher and brighter, which was wonderful, given the fact that summer had come with its usual array of endless parties, socialising and general over-indulgence, which I am sure, many of you fellow socialites can relate to!

The Detox Treatment is Skin Smith’s signature treatment for rejuvenated, glowing skin. Expect cleansed, clarified and brightened skin. The treatment works by combining microdermabrasion with thermal laser, exfoliating the skin and encouraging collagen production. To round it all off, your Skin Technician will finish by applying a hydrating serum for some extra nourishment. No wonder my skin both looked and felt great the next morning!

The following week, I was treated to a Skincare Infusion facial, also known as a “microcurrent facial.” This is a specific type of hydrating facial that gives you refreshed, smoother and more even toned skin.

It works by using sound wave technology and micro-electric currents to allow a skincare infusion (selected specially for you by your Skin Technician) to penetrate deeper into the skin, where it can work more effectively. The result of this infusion therapy is ultra-hydrated skin, reduced redness, more even skin tone, smoother texture and a refreshed look to your complexion thanks to the stimulation of collagen within the skin. Besides, when Joanna (facial technician) started using that vibrating applicator on my face, it felt very calming and relaxing so that was an added bonus! That gadget is supposed to encourage deeper penetration of the serum into the skin. It’s got Hyaluronic Acid and Vitamin C.  If you Google “Hyaluronic acid,” you may or may not be surprised by what you find out about it.

Skin Smiths also have their own skincare range manufactured, which I find re-assuring. Rather than stocking other brands, they’ve put effort in to this, which, in my opinion, gives their brand more credibility. The staff are welcoming, charming and friendly. The interiors are spotlessly clean and light. The treatment rooms are spacious and it is remarkable that they’ve made the maximum use of available space in one of the most cramped-up areas in our neighbourhood.

I have been telling a few of my city-boy friends and neighbours about this clinic. Most such skincare clinics are aimed at women of course, but gone are the days when men neglected their skin. Today, I am usually surprised when I meet men who don’t look after themselves and aren’t in to beauty and grooming, especially in this part of the city. So if you work in The City, I would advise you to try one of Skin Smith‘s treatments and both see and feel the difference. It is ideal for men who have stressful jobs, work in stuffy environments, are stuck in air-conditioned offices for several hours during the hot summer months (air conditioning dries your skin out) and of course for men who tend to party hard, indulge in late nights (be it for work or for pleasure!) etc. Give your skin the much needed tender-loving-care it needs. Skin Smith’s facials rely on merging high quality products with the latest technology, and I am sure you’ll appreciate the treatment and also benefit from regular ones. And don’t forget to follow the after-care guidelines the therapist will give you. I prefer having something in writing, so I don’t forget what the therapist told me after the treatment. One tip I’d share is that you should shave at least 24 hours before having a facial. 48 if you’re beard growth is slow. I would also allow at least 24 (or 48) hours after the treatment before shaving as your skin would have been exfoliated already. 72 hours would be a better idea.



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