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Playing with Balls, Weights & Machines at the Gym, with Personal Trainer Lucian Comiza.

Main image; Lucian Comiza, Personal Trainer at The Fitness Mosaic, Chalk Farm (and formerly at Market Sports, Shoreditch). All photos by Tito Nicolau at Frog In Red Tie.

Well, I call it “Playing” as that’s what working out at the gym feels like, to me. I believe that exercising should be fun, although one should push oneself. I am not interested in building muscle mass. I just want to be super duper toned, and stay like that forever!

And I finally got Lucian Comiza, my personal trainer, to smile for the camera, unlike last time! Lucian was a Fitness Instructor at Market Sports, and has now been promoted to Personal Trainer at The Fitness Mosaic in Chalk Farm.

Looks like all that cocoa butter lotion is working. Will you look at that skin tone!
Looks like all that cocoa butter lotion is working. Will you look at that skin tone!

He is THE best trainer I have worked out with, and would strongly recommend him to anyone. We decided to do one last session before he moves. I certainly won’t be trekking all the way to Chalk Farm, although it isn’t far from home (Shoreditch). But I might pop-in there every now and then, just to have a session with Lucian.


So there I was. Dressed in a light teal top (with matching socks!), blue shorts, and my favourite trainers (they’re the comfiest gym shoes I’ve ever used).

After warming up, we kicked off the session with the Gym Ball, or Fitness Ball as some people like to call it! Finding my balanced wasn’t an easy task. Especially when I tend to laugh a lot. Lucian managed to get my concentration on track and off I went. 

Within minutes, I was exercising well, using the ball as a prop. These exercises are for your legs, glutes and also abs. I always keep my abs tensed throughout the session. My sole aim in life, at the moment, is to get my abs as flat as they used to be pro-2013.

Next we moved on to working my shoulders with the Barbell. It all started well, but then I soon began to get tired and wanted to stop. This is one of the reasons why I like Lucian. I don’t know what he does. He doesn’t shout, he doesn’t cajole. He just helps you find your determination, without making too much of an effort. He has that “something” about him. Whatever “it” is, he’s got “It!” I did enjoy those Torso twisting exercises though. It is always good to mix it up, rather than doing the same exercises day in day out.

More abs on a rather interesting looking frame. I imagined myself as a Gymnast and went for it. I managed to crunch my abs and lift my legs upwards and did as many as I could. I didn’t count. I now stick to about 10. Then wait for about half a second and go again. I’ve managed 4 sets so far. It is not an easy exercise, but I try and do more with each following visit. I don’t want to overdo it though. That would be ridiculous, don’t you think?

Gets a little bit difficult after a few lifts.
Gets a little bit difficult after a few lifts.

I have fun on the vibrating power plates. Especially when I am standing on the machine, and the vibrations make my facial muscles (especially cheeks!) jiggle. Try talking while doing it. You would sound a bit sci-fi sitcom character-ish! 

Lucian increased the weights on the Leg Press machine. I do have strong legs (I used to be a Dancer, you know!) and enjoy running and cycling. But sometimes, I think pushing oneself is a good thing.

Your Legs and Buttocks are a very important part of your body of course, especially because the latter’s muscles (glutes) are responsible for the power of maintaining the trunk of your body in the erect posture.

Lucian also showed me how I could improve my posture by moving my pelvis slightly forward (as if that is something new to me, honeys!), to avoid putting stress (and build strength instead) in the glutes.  

By the way, I think the best way to exercise is to do a full body workout on one day, then follow it up with a cardio class or stretching exercise such as yoga or pilates the following day, and so on. This gives your body time to recover. Some guys at the gym workout the upper body on one day, followed by the lower body on the 2nd day, and then go for a class. Some attend classes only during weekends. It all depends on what works for you, and a good personal trainer will point you in the right direction. 

We ended the session with stretching exercises, which I think is a MUST for everyone who works out at the gym. I’m often surprised by other members at the gym who don’t seem to do enough (or any at all!) stretching. Don’t their bodies get cramped-up and ache the following day? 

I sometimes, space permitting, try and do some stretching exercises in the steam room or sauna. This can really soothe down your muscles. And every now and again, it helps to have a sports massage, just after the gym. Assisted stretching courtesy of your trainer is also a very good thing as they can stretch your body to a more intense level. Ask your trainer if they can do this for you. Well, they should and it must be part of the service you are paying them to provide you with.

So, if you live/work in or around the Chalk Farm area, you can try out Lucian Comiza‘s brilliant personal training services at The Fitness Mosaic (what a name, eh?!). Click Here for enquiries. 

You can also Click Here for my previous sessions with Lucian, and a few of his Hints and Tips

Please also join his Facebook page Body, Mind & Beyond. Did you also know that he is a Tough Mudder Winner? Congratulations,Lucian!

Emmanuel Ray chats with personal trainer Lucian Comiza at the Gym.
Emmanuel Ray chats with personal trainer Lucian Comiza at the Gym.

Nominee, Positive Role Model 2013 (National Diversity Awards, UK). Nominee, London Personality of the Year 2012 (London Lifestyle Awards). Winner, Fashion Icon of the Year 2011 (Fashions Finest Awards, UK).


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