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Sex, Drugs & Swearing spice up Black Coffee Theatre’s “The Seagull” by Anton Chekhov!

I really know how to get your attention don’t I? Thanks to all the audience interaction, I know exactly what you lot are like! 

OK, so tickets to the opening night of this play have already sold out! But please Click Here for tickets to the upcoming performances.

When my friend and actor Luke Adamson invited me to the opening night of The Seagull, I immediately said yes. Why? Well, there are several reasons.

Luke is an up & coming actor with a rather impressive CV and I know he will do a brilliant job!

He founded theatre production company Black Coffee Theatre, with friends Jonathan Colby and Maria Crocker, and started creating his own opportunities, while balancing part time jobs. (Struggling actors who moan about not getting enough work, take note!). I admire this entrepreneurial streak in young, creative and talented individuals.

This play is Luke’s own adaptation of  one of Anton Chekhov‘s major plays. I’ve always enjoyed Chekhov’s work (loved The Cherry Orchard!) and been wanting to see more of his plays.

And finally, there’s some strong language, drug use and scenes of a sexual nature. We love all that stuff, don’t we? So get your tickets fast and catch the play in your nearest venue during this tour.

I also kindly request you all to share this post on your social networking pages or email/forward to friends, and support these young creative talents and help make their play a success! 

From web design to public relations, marketing to networking, directing, producing  etc, Luke and his team are handling most tasks all by themselves. Impressive!


As a lover of theatre, I am thrilled to see how this bunch would bring to life one of the greatest works by the legendary playwright. I am sure they’ll do Chekhov proud!   

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