Yummy Pasta Bake by the Italian Gals!

I swore I’ll never become one of those annoying people who blog and tweet about what they had for lunch or dinner. But I find myself doing it often. Well, what’s the point in enjoying good food if you can’t brag about it? It’s just like telling your friends about how great your new boy/girl friend is or how amazingly good your latest F-buddy is between the sheets!

OK, so here’s last night’s dinner, passionately prepared by my Italian neighbours Alessandra and Claudia. They often cook at home and share their food with me. If only all neighbours could be like that. 

Ok, so here’s the Pasta Bake they made with green peas, ham, cheese and besciamella sauce (milk, flour and some salt). Basically once you’ve cooked the paste and mixed the green peas and sliced ham in, you grate the cheese on top  of the dish and bake it for 15 mns (until the top/crust turns brown). Then slice, serve and eat! See photos below.

A light, crisp glass of Pinot Grigio is all you need to compliment this dish. Try it yourself and enjoy. Tonight, I am going to make them something. I have not decided what but will share the recipe with you.  


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