Boris Johnson wins London Personality of the Year 2012 at London Lifestyle Awards.

I had a great time at the London Lifestyle Awards 2012 in Hurlingham Club, London Fulham. Mayor of London Boris Johnson won London Personality of the Year 2012. We all kind-of knew from the very beginning! This is a well deserved win for Boris, given the of work he has done for our capital in recent times.

Doesn’t Veronica Wadley look like a sassy lawyer from a Hollywood court-room drama sitcom?

Due to a busy schedule, he wasn’t able to attend the event and  his senior advisor Veronica Wadley collected the award on his behalf. 

Emmanuel Ray and Boris Johnson at London Fashion Week 25th anniversary, February 2009.

The first time I met Boris was at London Fashion Week’s 25th anniversary in March 2009.  I saw him again at London Fashion Week in September 2011 while filming for Behind the Curtain by students of the University of Westminster.  A mayor who supports fashion and equal rights for the LGBT community. Not to mention being eccentric and having flamboyant hair! Congratulations to Boris for winning the award! 

Boris as a boy! Wouldn’t it be cool if he grew his mane longer and did a hair flip while opposing his opponents?

Anyway, being nominated for this prestigious award was an honour, and I’m hoping all the professionals and entrepreneurs I met at the event would double up as clients when I launch my new business. Watch this this space, follow me on Twitter or join my database free on Fanbridge to stay updated on news and updates from the glitzy soirée that was London Lifestyle Awards 2012.

Nominee, Positive Role Model 2013 (National Diversity Awards, UK). Nominee, London Personality of the Year 2012 (London Lifestyle Awards). Winner, Fashion Icon of the Year 2011 (Fashions Finest Awards, UK).

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