Picnicking with Friends.

With the sun caressing London and everyone in high spirits, what better way to enjoy the summer than go picnicking with friends? I enjoyed a lovely picnic by the lake beside The Barbican, with my friends Martha, Raoul, Enrique and Heiner. Raoul made some amazing chicken and we also had salads, a variety of breads, cheese and dips, stir fried vegetables with seafood and a few drinks.

Going for a picnic in your local park, or a nearby area that overlooks greenery or water, is a fun filled outing which is also cheap and cheerful. If you’re watching your pennies then this is a great way to socialise with your friends or loved ones without having to spend a considerable amount of money in a bar, pub or restaurant.

Here’re some tips for a great picnic, useful if you’re on a budget.

1) Buy as much as you can out of your shopping list, at your local market. The products are fresher and cheaper.

2) Some poultry, some seafood, bread, cheese, dips, biscuits and some wine are all you need. Picnics are supposed to be simple and straight forward, so avoid extravagant dishes or time consuming recipes.

3) Lemonade, wine or light drinks go well with a picnic. Avoid heavy drinks.

4) If you’re really short of money, then get friends to split the cost of the picnic equally. Again, cheaper for everyone!

5) Another way to enjoy picnicking is to have it in the area where your friend lives. Each friend takes turns hosting the picnic on a fortnightly basis.

6) Take plastic bags to gather rubbish. Do NOT leave them in the park and always dispose of them in the bins available.

7) There is no set time to have a picnic. Most people start around 11am or noon. But sunset picnics can be fun too. Why not enjoy a picnic with lanterns or candle-lights in a garden? If you live by the sea, pick a spot! Be creative.

8) Make sure you take a few umbrellas, just in case. Our English weather is as unpredictable as a teenage girl’s mood. Need I say more?

9) Pack the food in plastic boxes. Plates, cutlery and cups should be plastic. Light weight and easy to carry. Don’t forget your tissues.

10) If you’re going to sit down in the grass, it’s advisable to take a few large plastic sheets, or an old large bed sheet. So you don’t ruin your clothes!


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