FREE FOOD at The Hoxton Pony tonight!

Thursday nights are fun at The Hoxton Pony, as is any other night for that matter!

A popular hangout in trendy Shoreditch & Hoxton, this lovely venue serves an impressive list of cocktails and great food.
Pop over to the venue between 6pm and 9pm every Thursday and enjoy complimentary food (buffet style) and 2 for 1 cocktails (starting at just £7).


Vegetable Pasta Bake & 7 Spice Chinese Chicken & Potato Curry
Vegetable Pasta Bake & 7 Spice Chinese Chicken & Potato Curry

 It’s a great money saver, especially for young Londoners who like to start their weekend in a relaxed and friendly hot spot which is also very cool and trendy. Well.. and without having to break the bank. The food is wonderful and it’s free! Cooked to perfection and bursting with flavours, I’ve never tasted spaghetti with meatballs that were this good and vegetable paste cooked and presented so well. I had a lot of Whitebait (and some salmon) as I love seafood.

Well, I tried a little bit of everything, including the amazing 7 spice Chinese chicken and potato curry with basmati rice. It was absolutely delicious! They also serve various salads, cheese, some fruit and biscuits too. I also tried the Makiki cocktail. With mint, chilli, passion fruit, mango, cinnamon, lime and bacardi oro, it’s an exotic blend that really compliments your meal.

The Hoxton Pony serves a range of food to satisfy your tastes and given the laid back and relaxed atmosphere, it is fun to meet new people and also network a bit. I bumped into the members of the cool band The Last Skeptik. Seated next to me were four women who were probably the London version of the Sex and The City girls. They were clearly having a lot of fun as all I could hear were constant giggles and whispers between them satisfyingly chewing the amazing food!

Creative artsy types (well, this is Shoreditch after all!), a few city workers (as the creative hub of Shoreditch and Hoxton are just by The City & financial district), and some fresh faced teens (students, obviously.. as the area has a lot of student accommodation) were basically the crowd that night. (Continued..)

The place was fairly full but thankfully, not over crowded. I didn’t see anyone making several trips to the buffet and stuffing their face continuously. You see, for those of you who don’t know much about the area, Shoreditch and Hoxton are rather chic, trendy and fashionable in an urban-hip-cool-stylish kind of way. So people do care about keeping up appearances! Nobody likes being seen as a free-loader!

Staff at The Hoxton Pony are delightful, and if you reserve your place/s upfront, you could also get table service (for drinks). Basically, the food is free and you pay for the drinks and the 2 for 1 cocktails deal is great value for money. 

Click Here for the venue’s website. Your Thursday evenings just got better!  

Please note that this promotion will continue until further notice. And do mention you heard about it on, if you go! (Continued..)

A few points..

If you book in advance, please turn up on time (the earlier the better!). If any of your friends cancel at the last moment, try and to notify the venue.

Don’t be afraid to talk to others. The Shoreditchers and Hoxtonites are a friendly bunch! If you have business cards, take them with you. You never know who you’ll meet!

And finally, do help promote the venue on your social media profiles. Do the selfie-thing with your friends. Please Tag  @TheHoxtonPony  @EmmanuelRay  #freefoodthursdays  

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