Langtry Manor Hotel

Lillie’s Lair! Getaway at a Royal Love nest.

Summer may have been short lived but the memories remain. 

During a visit to Bournemouth, my friends Anthony BM Rock (photographer & design artist), Jasmine Cargill (make up artist & hair stylist) and I stayed at the exquisite Langtry  Manor Hotel in Bournemouth

The hotel was formerly known as The Red House. Prince of Wales, Albert Edward (later Edward VII) had it built for his mistress Lillie Langtry, a popular actress, model and socialite at the time. Known as the Jersey Lily, She was the It Girl of her day!

What a wonderful stay it was! The award-winning  hotel‘s  director Tara Howard was the perfect hostess and made sure our stay was pleasant and satisfactory. Everything ran so smoothly. So we don’t have a single complaint!

We had booked 3 rooms, and as soon as we entered the hotel and checked in, I grabbed the keys to The Kings Room, ran upstairs and put down my bags, thereby claiming it for myself! I knew I wanted to stay in this particular room right from the beginning.

Anthony settled for the  The Disraeli Suite (named after former British Prime Minister Benjamin Disraeli who was a guest during the building’s Red House days!). It was spacious and was decorated in warm tones, with a chic and smart feel to it.

Jasmine stayed in one of the hotel’s  Lodge rooms, decorated in pastel shades and had a luxurious boudoir-style feel to it. She loved the room so much I had to keep calling her to come out for dinner!

Dinner was an elegant affair. Being a seafood lover AND being in Bournemouth meant I could enjoy the fresh catch! So I ordered the Langtry’s Prawn Cocktail (brandy aioli, lemon & coriander coleslaw and crisp baby gem lettuce!) for starters. It was unlike any prawn cocktail I had ever tasted! It was magical.

For mains, I had the Chef’s catch of the day; Mackerel, one of my favourite gifts from Mother Sea. To say it was divine would be an understatement! The fish must have jumped out of the sea willingly and landed on the chef’s grill!

Jasmine had prawns for starters followed by Steak for mains. She enjoyed the meal and we both tasted each other’s mains. Anthony settled for scallops followed by lamb shank. The chef prepared a dainty little meal for Tara. It wasn’t on the menu. With her slim toned figure and high energy level, she probably ate healthy and exercised regularly!

Tara picked the best wines to compliment our meals and waitresses Monika and Natalie provided service with a smile. The dishes arrived at just about the right time. Not too early enough to make you nervous or late enough to make you feel annoyed!

Everything at the hotel is just so! It’s elegant and stylish without being garish or flamboyant. It’s very clean and tidy yet feels like your own home. It’s remarkably comfortable and cosy and I felt that the overall energy of the place was very relaxing and calming.

Breakfast was fantastic and everything tasted fresh. It was probably the best English breakfast I have ever tasted. Anthony loved it too and we decided to have a second helping!

I was sad when our stay came to an end. But all good things do, don’t they?

Did you know?

Tara Howard is the Founder of the Venus Awards that honour local business women.

I voted my friend Monica Norley, founder of Visionary Soap Company for the awards and asked my friends to do so. She is now a Finalist in the Entrepreneur of the Year category.

Apparently, the human brain continues to function for 7 minutes after one’s death. Anthony told us this over dinner (!) because somehow we got talking about the number 7. I think it was because I said one should take 7 sips of water, 7 times, to successfully combat hiccups!

You can’t see Anthony in these photos because he held the camera! He has worked on TV programmes as well as Oscar award winning movies. Click Here to see his work.

There is so much more to the Langtry Manor Hotel than what I have mentioned in this feature, so please Click Here for their website and discover everything they have to offer. Highly recommended with 5 star hugs & kisses!

Nominee, Positive Role Model 2013 (National Diversity Awards, UK). Nominee, London Personality of the Year 2012 (London Lifestyle Awards). Winner, Fashion Icon of the Year 2011 (Fashions Finest Awards, UK).

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