Introducing Man’s New Best Friend, the Shirt Companion!

Every man who reads this blog will relate to that annoying moment when his shirt comes untucked or when his socks droop. Well, now there’s a fix for this fashion mishap, in the form of the Shirt Companion by Sharp & Dapper.  I use them every time I wear a tuck-in shirt and like the fact that I don’t have to keep tucking my shirt in or pulling my socks up. This product is a God send! And at £14.99 with worldwide postage included (and 4 shirt companions included!), it’s a bargain!   

See the video below and Click Here for their website. Scroll down for tips on how to wear the Shirt Companion.

  • Don’t wear the braces too tight! They will show.. jutting out through your trousers (unless of course the trousers or jeans you are wearing are real tight!). So adjust them to be fitted but not too tight. This will also allow you to move freely without feeling uncomfortable.

  • Once you’ve worn the braces, make sure you tuck your shirt in properly and neatly in order to avoid any folds or scrunching. Also make sure the fabric in your trouser pockets are neatly intact. Bunched up pockets ruin the clean lines of trousers.

  • Avoid shoving your wallet, phone or anything else in your trouser pockets. They ruin the lines of your trousers and aren’t a pretty site. Why not get a bag to suit your personality and lifestyle? My favourites are the ones with many pockets, so we know where to find what, when we need it. 

  • Wear your shirt companions when you think you’ll get lucky on a hot date!  Everyone who’s seen this product on me (both male and female) think it’s sexy and a bit kinky! It’s also a great way to show them you care about you appearance while being practical. And in this day and age, that is a very attractive trait in a man!


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