The Store Room - Emmanuel Ray

Emmanuel Ray in a store room, talking about clothes

Emmanuel Ray is in the basement of his office building where there are many little store rooms for clothing and accessories. Emmanuel Ray wears shirt by Isaac Kotlyarevsky, and trousers and accessories from Retro Days. That red bag is by Russian fashion designer Katerina Kudryashova. Emmanuel pulls out a peacock feathered fan from the Retro Days collection from one of the boxes. The fabulous custom made hat by Chicagoan milliner Audra E. The first hat Audra made for a male client, it is decorated with sequins and comes with peacock feathers and matching bracelets. Another box brought down by the office assistant Raoul Sanchez contains more shirts from Isaac Kotlyarevsky, the shirt brand that Emmanuel Ray wears the most. He also gives us a peek into his one of his cupboards and shows us colourful shirts from XOOS shirt boutique, and a cute little birdie!

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