• Joanna_Caveney_The_Blurry_Emmanuel

    Joanna Caveney in The Blurry Emmanuel!

    My friend Joanna Caveney is a brilliant writer and copy editor. Apart from being executive editor at PinkVox.com.  She is also sunlights as a lifeguard at Hampstead Heath ladies pond. Joanna is a male version of myself and shares the same attitude I have towards life; being exactly who you are and living life on your own terms! This picture was taken at Golden Lane Members Club, Barbican and we decided to name it The Blurry Emmanuel as I am well, blurred and out of focus. Scroll below for what we’re wearing! OK, and now for the the obligatory credits… lol 🙂 Joanna Caveney wears Hat by Katerina Kudryashova, decorated with sequins and…