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    Have an Affair in 1960s Rome!

    I met author Gill Paul by accident. A beautiful woman with a cheerful smile and a warm personality, she was introduced to my by Karel Bata, a friend of Iain Clark (video producer and one of my best friends). You see.. Karel worked on the production crew for the pilot episode of the Emmanuel Ray Show, which I co produced with Iain. We became friends and he invited me to his birthday party at The Heights Bar in St George’s Hotel, Mayfair. And that is where I met Gill. Our conversation was brief but interesting. We got on like a house on fire and she told me about her latest…

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    Anthony Rock joins our Zombie Movie Team!

    I’m so thrilled that talented (and very handsome!) photographer, illustrator ¬†and animator Anthony Rock will be joining our team for Zombie Snuff Movies, an independent horror film by debutant director Peter Thorndike. Anthony has worked on a ton of international projects including Harry Potter, Catwoman and Happy Feet! His work covers fashion, editorial and portrait photography, film/tv production stills and photo journalism. Anthony has also appeared on various TV shows. Click Here to find out more, and see some of my favourite examples of his work (below). For more information on Zombie Snuff Movies, please Click Here. The film’s website is currently being edited. By the way, doesn’t Anthony look…