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    Fast, fresh and healthy food in 10 minutes!

    Scroll down and watch the video in which I make amazing food in 10 minutes! My friend Chris has just returned to London from traveling all over the world and invited me over to dinner. As we usually dine out, this time we decided to cook. He got the ingredients and I did the cooking.  Starters took me about 5 minutes to get prepared. Main course was about 10 minutes, because I chop fast! Why not get your friend to help you, to save more time? Chris couldn’t as he started filming the process on his i phone. If you like this video, then feel free to add your comment…

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    Cooking Dinner for Friends.

    My friend Joanna Caveney and I decided to have a good-bye dinner for our friend Heiner Radau before he left for Germany. He had just completed his internship at Alexander McQueen and is all set to work on his own brand. Me with Joanna, Pat and Heiner. Mummy Pauline was behind the camera! I made seafood stir fry with prawns, scallops, couscous, tomato, olive oil, chopped vegetables, turmeric, garlic, onion and chilly seeds.   Prawns taste amazing when cooked for 5 minutes in olive oil and turmeric! Just writing this blog post makes my mouth water. Maybe I should have saved some to eat right now! I rarely cook to…