• seafood la pappardella

    Seafood for Hungry Boys!

     If you are a lover of seafood, you will certainly enjoy this dish at La Pappardella, London Earls Court. I absolutely love seafood linguine! One of my favourite restaurants in London, they do proper grown-up food (I stole that expression from Grace Dent!) for culinary adventurers that have a hearty appetite. Mussels, prawns and calamari soaked in cherry tomatoes, garlic and basil and a wonderful sauce. If and when you come towards Earls Court, do pop in! Best reserve your place as this charming Italian restaurant gets very busy in the evenings, and often during lunchtime too. They have just re opened after refurbishment. With a good wine list that compliments their authentic Italian cuisine, La Pappardella is much loved by the locals…